About Us

Building Confidence from the Ground up

At Big Apple Group, we’re dedicated to elevating the quality and efficiency of construction through our cutting-edge civil engineering solutions. Our roots in the industry stretch over two decades, marked by extensive expertise in geotechnical investigations, construction materials testing, special inspections, and safeguarding adjacent structures. As we integrate our vision with RMA Companies, we’re committed to building with confidence and integrity.

Our team’s diverse experience serves as the foundation for delivering advanced engineering solutions across the eastern United States. We work closely with residential developers, contractors, and engineering firms, providing them with innovative, technology-driven solutions. These encompass streamlined data reporting and analysis, ensuring seamless integration of our services.

Serving the needs of residential developers, contractors, and engineering firms throughout the United States, our team works with our clients to meet their needs through innovative solutions that make for streamlined data reporting and analysis. Seamless cross-integration of our civil engineering solutions through our highly trained technical staff and project engineers make for easy to track non-conformance reporting, building movement monitoring, special inspections and commissioning reports.

Prompt, accurate test results, well-qualified inspectors, strong management, financial security, stringent record keeping, and accessible top-level leadership have all contributed to our reputation in the industry. Big Apple’s personnel are experts in quality assurance/quality control programs, controlled inspections and testing. Often acting as technical aids to our clients, our inspectors and engineers provide expertise on code requirements and solutions for maintaining compliance. Big Apple’s team is continually trained in cutting edge techniques and procedures and are fully educated on revised and updated codes and standards.

At the Big Apple group, we are committed to providing our clients with exception service. It is our priority to assess each individual project’s need and provide a comprehensive proposal for all the quality assurance services identified as required.

Innovative Solutions for Today's Construction Challenges

Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

Our advanced laboratory facilities offer extensive testing for various construction materials. Our expertise in field services like soil borings and drilling extends through all construction phases, from site analysis to completion. Our concrete testing lab stands out for its efficiency and accuracy.

Protection of Adjacent Structures

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as vibration monitors, tilt meters, and inclinometers, we provide comprehensive protection plans. Our focus is on safeguarding not just your project but also the surrounding community.

Progress Inspections and Special Inspections

We ensure all construction phases meet approved standards and building code provisions. Our meticulous documentation of progress and controlled inspections is integral to achieving final certification.

Industry Leaders

Our distinction in the industry lies in our unwavering commitment to quality and flexible scheduling. Big Apple is at your service 24/7, ready to respond to your project needs with no advanced notice required.


  • Subsurface Investigation and Infrastructure Exploration
  • Soil Borings, Coring, Testing Pits, Monitoring Wells
  • Regulatory Inspections
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Vibration, Crack, Optical, and Noise Monitoring
  • Tunnel Monitoring, Tilt Meters, and Inclinometers
  • Pre/Post Construction Surveying
  • Special and Progress Inspections
  • Material Testing and
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Concrete Testing Laboratory
  • Observation Wells / Piezometer
  • Damage Claims


At Big Apple Group, our mission is to provide you with robust, reliable, and innovative solutions. We are your partners in construction, ensuring every project is completed with the highest standards of quality and safety.