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Testing Services

Big Apple Group provides a wide range of on-site field services and laboratory testing during the construction to determine compliance with plans, specifications, and referenced industry standards. Our team offers quality assurance, quality control inspection, and testing of the materials associated with the construction of roads, airports, buildings, and other civil infrastructure. These services present an accurate representation of the soil, bedrock and groundwater conditions beneath a given project.

Big Apple Group has extensive project experience throughout the Northeastern United States including everything from routine classification and index tests to sophisticated triaxial shear, permeability and consolidation tests. Our services also include testing concrete, masonry, structural steel, fireproofing, asphalt, roofing and aggregates.

Equipment and Facilities

Big Apple Group maintains a large variety of land and marine subsurface exploration equipment, along with laboratory and office facilities. We have multiple fully equipped exploration crews with drill rigs mounted on all types of carriers to allow access to virtually any condition on land or water.
**All material testings are done by a third-party laboratory