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Testing Services We Provide

Comprehensive On-Site and Laboratory Testing

At Big Apple Group, we excel in offering a broad spectrum of on-site field services and laboratory testing, ensuring every construction project strictly adheres to plans, specifications, and industry standards. Our expertise lies in the thorough testing of construction materials, crucial for the development of roads, airports, buildings, and other key civil infrastructure. We specialize in providing detailed soil analysis, bedrock examination, and groundwater condition assessments, delivering precise results essential for successful construction outcomes.

Our vast experience across the Northeastern United States encompasses a range of services, from routine classification and index tests to advanced procedures like triaxial shear tests, permeability tests, and consolidation tests. Our proficiency extends to key areas such as concrete strength testing, structural steel quality control, fireproofing material testing, asphalt testing, and roofing material evaluation, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all construction material testing needs.

Advanced Equipment and State-of-the-Art Facilities

Equipped with an extensive array of land and marine subsurface exploration tools, our facilities include advanced laboratories and sophisticated office setups. Our fully-equipped exploration teams operate drill rigs capable of accessing any condition, be it on land or water. This capability enables us to provide unparalleled soil analysis for construction, ensuring that even the most challenging sites are thoroughly evaluated for stability and suitability.

Key Testing Services Tailored for Quality Assurance

  1. Soil and Bedrock Analysis: Focused on geotechnical testing services, we evaluate the physical properties of soil and bedrock, a vital step in ascertaining the foundation quality of your project.

  2. Concrete Testing: Our labs are dedicated to concrete testing, determining its compressive strength, mix quality, and sustainability, in line with industry standards for concrete strength testing.

  3. Structural Steel Testing: We conduct rigorous testing of structural steel, ensuring its integrity aligns with structural steel quality control requirements.

  4. Fireproofing Evaluation: Our fireproofing material testing services assess the effectiveness and compliance of fireproofing materials, a critical safety feature in construction.

  5. Asphalt and Roofing Analysis: Through our asphalt testing and roofing material evaluation, we guarantee that these materials meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

  6. Aggregate Testing: Our aggregate quality assurance process ensures that aggregates used in construction meet the required specifications and standards.