Comprehensive Monitoring for Structural Integrity

In the dynamic world of construction, ensuring the structural integrity of adjacent buildings during new construction or renovations is paramount. Big Apple Group, in partnership with RMA Companies, offers nationwide construction monitoring services, catering to a wide array of construction activities that include demolition, Support of Excavation (SOE), underpinning, Pile Driving/Drilling, Dynamic Compaction, rock Chipping/Hammering, and Rock Blasting. Our services are critical in preventing potential damage such as foundation cracks or structural failures, ensuring the safety and stability of nearby structures.

The Big Apple Group offers services to assist with the protection of adjacent structures. Our services can monitor for allowable thresholds and aid in understanding potential causes and provide possible solutions to a site’s particular situation. The Big Apple Group has provided these services for numerous projects and work with the client to find appropriate solutions. We can provide quick and direct feedback of vibration levels to allow immediate adjustment and control over construction methods and procedures.

Protection of Adjoining Properties: A Nationwide Necessity

With the increase in construction projects across the nation, safeguarding adjoining properties has become a necessity to prevent costly and time-consuming legal disputes. Big Apple Group and RMA Companies specialize in analyzing projects and their surroundings to develop the most effective protection plans. Our aim is to safeguard not only your interests but also those of your neighbors, ensuring a harmonious and compliant construction process.

Adherence to Monitoring Requirements Across the US

While we draw upon the stringent standards of the New York City Building Code (NYCBC) as a reference point, our monitoring services are tailored to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements of construction projects nationwide. Our expertise encompasses preconstruction condition documentation, vibration and movement monitoring, and ensuring compliance with local building codes and historic preservation guidelines.

Our monitoring protocol is designed to suit the unique aspects of each project, considering factors such as the proximity of neighboring structures, the type and scope of construction activities, and the specific local regulations. We focus on real-time monitoring and feedback, allowing for immediate adjustments to construction methods to minimize impact on surrounding structures.

Expertise in Nationwide Construction Monitoring

Big Apple Group and RMA Companies bring together a wealth of experience and technical expertise in construction monitoring. Our services extend beyond the boundaries of New York City, offering nationwide solutions tailored to diverse construction environments. We are committed to ensuring that your construction projects proceed smoothly, with minimal impact on adjacent structures and properties.

A Partner in Nationwide Construction Safety and Compliance

Choosing Big Apple Group and RMA Companies for your construction monitoring needs means partnering with experts who understand the intricacies of nationwide construction practices and regulations. Our goal is to provide peace of mind through meticulous monitoring, ensuring that your project progresses safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all necessary standards. Let us be your guide and guardian in the realm of construction monitoring, safeguarding the integrity and success of your nationwide construction projects.

Existing Condition Inspection & Monitoring

Pre/Post Construction Survey Services by Big Apple Group: Ensuring Comprehensive Documentation and Risk Mitigation

At Big Apple Group, we specialize in providing thorough Pre-Construction Conditions Inspections, a crucial step prior to initiating any construction or demolition activities. These inspections are instrumental in meticulously documenting the existing state of adjacent structures surrounding your project site. This proactive approach is key in minimizing potential legal challenges arising from perceived damages attributed to construction activities.

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Vibration Monitoring Services by Big Apple Group: Advanced Solutions for Structural Protection

Vibration Monitoring is a critical aspect of modern construction, aimed at safeguarding the structural integrity of adjacent buildings and facilities. At Big Apple Group, we specialize in documenting ground-borne vibrations during construction to ensure they remain within predetermined safety limits. Our advanced vibration monitoring services not only protect neighboring structures but also assist contractors in adapting their activities to minimize vibration impacts.


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Noise Monitoring Services by Big Apple Group: Precision in Sound Management

Big Apple Group specializes in comprehensive noise monitoring, offering both Manual and Remote Noise Monitoring services. Our approach is designed to manage and mitigate noise impacts effectively during construction projects, ensuring adherence to specified noise level requirements.


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Optical Monitoring Services by Big Apple Group: Precision Tracking of Structural Movement


Big Apple Group offers advanced optical monitoring services, designed to meticulously track and report both horizontal and vertical structural movements during construction activities. Our process involves strategically setting points at various locations around the perimeter of the construction site. From these points, we establish a baseline against which all future measurements are compared.


This baseline serves as a critical reference for ongoing monitoring, allowing our team to accurately gauge any settlement or movement of structures adjacent to the construction area. Our comprehensive reporting system ensures that all data gathered is thoroughly analyzed and presented in a clear, concise manner, providing valuable insights into the structural integrity of nearby buildings and structures.


Choose Big Apple Group for dependable optical monitoring services, where precision, accuracy, and comprehensive reporting are key to safeguarding structures during the dynamic phases of construction


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Crack Monitoring Services by Big Apple Group: Ensuring Structural Integrity


Big Apple Group offers specialized crack monitoring services, using “Telltales” or crack gauges, to ensure the structural integrity of permanent structures on neighboring properties during construction activities. These gauges, typically made of clear plastic and measuring 1-inch tall by 6-inches long, are expertly installed in locations specified by the client and the engineer on record (EOR).


The installation process involves securing the two halves of the gauge on opposite sides of an existing crack, using either epoxy glue or direct fasteners. This design allows the halves to overlap, enabling them to detect and measure relative movements to the nearest 1 mm on a graduated scale. This precise measurement capability makes monitoring crack widths in concrete buildings, bridges, and roads both easy and reliable.

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