Pre/Post-Construction Survey

Pre/Post Construction Survey

The Big Apple Group offers complete Pre-Construction Conditions Inspections prior to construction/demolition. This inspection documents the existing conditions of the adjacent structures surrounding your project, reducing exposure to lawsuits arising our of perceived damages caused by construction activity. Additionally, the Big Apple Group offers Post-Construction Condition Inspection comparing the current conditions to those documented during the Pre-Construction Condition Inspection.

The Pre-Existing Conditions Survey is prepared based on an examination of the structure or property and the review of available documents. The purpose of the Pre-Existing Conditions Survey is to document any potential weakness or signs of structural distress during the inspection of an historic resource/structure that has been selected for a pre-construction survey.

In order to comply with Chapter 18, Section 1814.1 of the New York City Building Code, the Big Apple Group recommends a Pre-Existing Conditions Survey to document, by digital photography, the current cosmetic and structural conditions of portions of the interior and exterior of the existing adjacent structures and if applicable any MTA and DOT structures including bridges, tunnels and railways.

As required by Chapter 33, Section 3309.4.3 No excavation work to a depth of 5 feet to 10 feet (1524 mm to 3048 mm) within 10 feet (3048 mm) of an adjacent building, or an excavation over 10 feet (3048 mm) anywhere on the site shall commence until the person causing an excavation to be made has documented the existing conditions of all adjacent buildings in a preconstruction survey.