Potential Openings

Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineers must possess a minimum of a Master’s of Science in civil engineering and ideally specialize in civil engineering. Applicants holding a Ph.D from the United States and/or a Master’s degree from another country are also welcome. Candidates must also have at least six years of experience (experience obtained in foreign countries excluded). All applicants must be licensed professional engineers (P.E.) in the United States.

Materials Engineering Manager

Qualified engineering managers must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s of Science in civil engineering with a specialty in either civil, geotechnical, or materials engineering. They must also possess six years of experience within the United States specifically. Applicants must be licensed professional engineer (P.E.) in the United States. Candidates without degrees must be a NICET Level III or IV technician in concrete, soils, and asphalt.

Forensic Engineer Manager

The ideal Forensic Engineer Candidate has at least a Master’s of Science in civil engineering and specializes in civil engineering. Applicants possessing a Master’s Degree from the United States and Bachelor’s Degree from another country are acceptable, however, foreign experience is not. Applicants must be licensed professional engineers (P.E.) in the United States.

NICET Certified Technicians

Ideally, NICET Certified Technicians should be a level II or III. Candidates will be tasked to dispatch technicians, visit job sites, and supervise non-NICET certified technicians, as well as schedule their jobs and review reports. Candidates must also oversee the cleaning of the warehouse, as well as the general maintenance of service trucks.

Non-NICET Certified Technicians

Qualified candidates are high school graduates. Applicants will be tasked with visiting job sites as well as the testing of concrete cylinders, asphalt, steel, and soils. They are also responsible for operating proctors, picking up samples, maintaining a clean laboratory, and more. Applicants must also complete appropriate paperwork at the end of each working day as well as keep up with service truck maintenance.


Those applying for driller positions must be both hard working and highly technically inclined while making certain to observe safety precautions at all times. Must be a high school graduate. This is an outside position; applicant will be taking soil samples using a drill rig. Driller must be capable of performing routine maintenance on truck and rig. Candidate must be skilled at working in extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Office Managers

Must be available to work 50 hours weekly. Applicant must possess good communication skills and be proficient in QuickBooks Accounting Software, Microsoft Word/ Excel. The bookkeeper is tasked with handling payroll, accounts receivable, collections, and more.


Applicants must be knowledgeable in Act 2005, Microsoft Word/ Excel, and skilled in working with WinFax. Secretaries are tasked with typing, filing, copying, answering the phone, working with engineers, and aiding other departments as necessary. Prior experience preferred.

Marketing Director

Must have excellent telephone communication skills. Must be able to handle a 50-hour workweek, and professionally communicate market services to schools, architects, civil engineers, and more. Applicants are also tasked with qualification requests, updating the company brochure, and appearing at business meetings.

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