Crack Monitoring

Crack Monitoring Services by Big Apple Group: Precision and Reliability in Structural Assessment

Crack monitoring is a crucial practice in structural engineering, tracing back to the days when the ancient Romans constructed primitive structures over two stories. This technique allows Structural Engineers to assess whether a structure is on the brink of failure or can be deemed ‘stable’. At Big Apple Group, we employ a variety of methods for monitoring cracks, ranging from subtle techniques involving micrometers and photographic evidence to the installation of manual and advanced automated real-time systems that provide continuous feedback 24/7 for sensitive crack monitoring.

Comprehensive Crack Monitoring Solutions Our approach to crack monitoring is integral to determining the stability of any critical structure and documenting any impacts since the formation of a crack. Utilizing “Telltales,” also known as crack monitoring gauges, we meticulously install and monitor these devices on open joints in permanent structures on neighboring properties. These installations are carried out in specific locations as designated by the client and the engineer on record (EOR).

These gauges, crafted from clear plastic and measuring 1-inch tall by 6-inches long, are designed in two halves. They are securely affixed on opposite sides of an existing crack using either epoxy glue or direct fasteners. The design allows for an overlapping of the halves, enabling them to detect relative movements with precision up to the nearest 1 mm on a graduated scale. This feature makes monitoring crack widths in concrete buildings, bridges, and roads not only easy but also highly reliable.

Continuous Monitoring for Early Detection and Intervention Our Concrete Crack Monitors are adept at continuously tracking both the opening and closing, as well as the differential movement of cracks. This ongoing monitoring is vital for early detection of structural changes or potential hazards, allowing for timely and proactive intervention.

Ensuring Structural Safety and Integrity Big Apple Group’s crack monitoring services are a critical component in maintaining the safety and integrity of structures, particularly those adjacent to construction sites. By providing detailed, accurate monitoring of crack movements, we contribute to the safeguarding of critical structures, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and the community at large.

Discover more about how Big Apple Group’s comprehensive crack monitoring services can play a pivotal role in the safety and longevity of your construction project, offering meticulous monitoring and expert reporting of structural changes.