MTA & Heavy Infrastructure Monitoring

MTA & Heavy Infrastructure Monitoring Services by Big Apple Group

In an era where the nation’s infrastructure is undergoing constant rehabilitation to meet evolving safety standards and expansion needs, Big Apple Group stands at the forefront, offering specialized MTA & Heavy Infrastructure Monitoring Services. Our diverse team of engineers and technicians possesses extensive experience in managing complex heavy infrastructure projects, boasting a remarkable track record in facilitating the successful completion of challenging assignments.

Expertise in Diverse Infrastructure Projects Our services are crucial for a wide range of heavy infrastructure projects, including roadway widening, utility upgrades, bridges, tunnels, and railway systems. Each of these projects requires meticulous protection to ensure they are completed safely and efficiently.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Inspection Services Big Apple Group provides an array of monitoring and inspection services for major transit authorities such as MTA, LIRR, SEPTA, NJ Transit, PATCO, MetroNorth, PANYNJ, and Amtrak. These services are essential for railway and tunnel monitoring, helping to mitigate any potential adverse impacts on adjacent buildings and structures caused by construction-related ground-borne vibrations.

Construction Monitoring Protocols We develop tailored Construction Monitoring Protocols to address specific project requirements, ensuring minimal impact on surrounding structures within the designated influence zone or construction boundaries. Our protocols are especially crucial when construction activities occur near underground structures or transit systems.

Pre-Construction Surveys

Our pre-construction surveys combine rapid turnaround times with detailed, organized reporting, ensuring your project commences without delays related to documentation or pre-existing conditions. Our Track Certified inspectors collaborate with Transportation Agency officials to accurately document existing conditions.

On-Site Vibration Monitoring

Our vibration monitoring services for transit-related structures, railways, bridges, and tunnels necessitate on-site monitoring by our Track Certified Field Technicians. Unlike other projects, remote monitoring is not permitted in these instances. All technicians involved in monitoring projects near MTA, LIRR, and Amtrak structures are OSHA 10 Compliant.

Optical and Crack Monitoring

Essential for tracking any structural movement or developing cracks, our optical and crack monitoring services are vital for ensuring the integrity of infrastructure during construction.

Customized Construction Monitoring Plans

Understanding that monitoring requirements for New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA), NYDOT, NJDOT, PennDOT, DelDOT, SHPO, and other local agencies differ from standard construction projects, Big Apple Group customizes each Construction Monitoring Plan. This project-specific approach ensures the safe and efficient progression of your heavy infrastructure project.

Choose Big Apple Group for your MTA & Heavy Infrastructure Monitoring needs. Our expertise, precision, and customized approach guarantee that your infrastructure project is monitored with the highest standards of safety and efficiency, ensuring the preservation and protection of critical structures and transit systems.