Monitoring Protocol

Monitoring Plans are prepared by the Big Apple Group’s in house Professionally Licensed Engineers in accordance with various building codes throughout the Eastern United States. The Monitoring Plan represents the instrumentation requirements and monitoring procedures that are recommended to be implemented for the protection and safeguarding of the structures adjacent to the project site.

Section BC 3309 of the 2014 New York City Building Code (NYCBC) outlines the requirements for protection of adjoining buildings and property from damage during construction, structural demolition, and excavation activities. Section BC 3309 includes requirements for preconstruction documentation and monitoring of adjacent structures with below grade excavations beyond a depth of five feet. In addition, BC 3309 references New York City Department of Buildings Technical Policy and Procedure Notice #10/88 (TPPN 10/88) which outlines the documentation and monitoring requirements for adjacent structures located within Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) designated Historic Districts. TPPN 10/88 provides for monitoring of Landmark or Historic District buildings within 90 feet of any site with foundation construction or earthwork excavation.

Types of Monitoring Plans provided:

  • Construction Protection Plan (NYCEDC and Theater District)
  • Building Protection Plan (NYCDOB)
  • Monitoring Plans and Protocols
  • Demolition/Blast Plan Reviews and various other plan reviews