Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring Services by Big Apple Group: Ensuring Structural Safety and Compliance

At Big Apple Group, we specialize in advanced vibration monitoring, an essential service in modern construction to safeguard adjacent structures and comply with regulatory standards. Our services are designed to meticulously document and manage ground-borne vibrations during construction activities, providing crucial insights and solutions to maintain structural integrity. We offer two primary forms of vibration monitoring:

  1. Remote Vibration Monitoring: Utilizing the latest technology, our skilled technicians install state-of-the-art portable seismographs to continuously track and record vibration activity. This data is uploaded to a secure server daily, allowing for in-depth analysis. Should vibrations exceed predetermined thresholds, our system sends real-time alerts via email, enabling prompt mitigation actions to address potential risks effectively.

  2. On-Site Vibration Monitoring: For projects that require close and constant monitoring, we deploy our technicians on-site with portable seismographs. This hands-on approach ensures immediate analysis and response to the data collected, providing real-time solutions and adjustments to construction methods, thereby enhancing structural safety.

Comprehensive Vibration Monitoring System and Instrumentation Our vibration monitoring services are particularly crucial during high-impact construction activities such as demolition, rock removal, excavation, pile driving/drilling, and sheet pile driving. These activities can produce significant vibration levels, varying based on factors like the equipment used, soil type, building foundation, construction characteristics, and proximity to the activity.

We recognize that soil and subsurface conditions significantly influence ground-borne vibration levels. Factors such as soil stiffness, internal damping, depth to bedrock, soil layers, and the water table depth are carefully considered in our monitoring processes. Our expertise lies in understanding and addressing these variables to effectively manage vibration impacts.

Automated and Manual Monitoring for Comprehensive Coverage Big Apple Group employs fully automated seismographs for continuous vibration monitoring. Our remote systems include cellular modems for automated data reporting and instant notifications. For direct monitoring needs, we provide certified field technicians on-site to oversee construction activities, ensuring immediate responses to any vibration concerns.

Expertise in Vibration Mitigation and Structural Protection Our commitment to providing exceptional vibration monitoring services extends beyond just data collection. We offer expert analysis and recommendations to mitigate vibration impacts, ensuring the safety and compliance of your construction project. With Big Apple Group, you gain a trusted partner in vibration monitoring, dedicated to protecting both your project and its surroundings from potential vibration-related issues.