Geotechnical conditions play a crucial role in the proper construction of buildings, roads, runways, bridges, tunnels, and other structures. A solid foundation is an essential prerequisite for any well-constructed improvement. A thorough subsurface exploration can result in a more cost-effective foundation design and reduce construction delays caused by unforeseen conditions.

Big Apple has performed thousands of subsurface explorations on a wide variety of projects. Our experience ranges from projects requiring a few soil borings to large projects requiring several hundred boring and complete geotechnical recommendations. Our highly trained team of construction materials testing engineers and technicians are familiar with specifications from a broad range of agencies such as state and federal high departments, ASTM, AASTHO, NYCDOT, NYCDOB, NYCDEP, NYCHA, NYEDC, NYCMTA, SEPTA, NJTransit, PANYNJ, NJDOT, NJDEP, USACOE, DelDOT, PennDOT, USEPA, and many more.


Preliminary or General Studies

Site Preparation Specifications

Early Site Selection

Design of Pond and Landfill Liners

Preliminary Soil and Foundation Evaluation

Embankment Settlement

Foundations for Structures

Vibration Studies

Percolation Testing

Slope Stability and Design

Foundation /Specialty Analysis

Risk Assessment

Construction Over Compressible Soils

Subsoil Modification

Analysis of High-Rise Foundations

Dewatering Concepts

Soil Mechanics Research

Specialty Foundations

Retaining Walls

Landfill Foundation Studies

Roadway /Transportation Studies

Pavement Design

Field And Drilling Services

Standard Test Borings And Testing Pits

Auger Borings

Rock Coring

Monitoring Well Installation

Continuous Sampling

Environmental Sampling

Groundwater Sampling

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

A Non-Destructive Testing method with unlimited applications that identifies inconsistencies within material. Ground Penetrating Radar does not require excavating, cutting, or removal of material. With this technology, Big Apple Group is able to assist with Utility locating to reduce the risk of utility damage during construction, structural analysis, determining the thickness of layers of asphalt, concrete, and many other materials.

GPR provides immediate results and reduces the likelihood of any unnecessary damage to existing structures. Discovering what lies beneath the surface, before coring, drilling, and evaluating while assisting in optimal planning and reduced liability.

Some of the various applications of Ground Penetrating Radar include the Analysis of Bridges, Towers, Tunnels, Balconies, Decks, Columns, Slabs, and Monuments.