Periodic Inspection Requirements for NYC Parking Structures

Parking in New York City is about as fun as, well… parking in New York City. One does not have to venture far out to realize that it’s sometimes more convenient to pay for a spot inside the many parking structures throughout our wonderful city. Some of these parking lots are open air, while others […]

625 Fulton Street Brooklyn Construction Monitoring

How wireless sensors were used to monitor an MTA tunnel during construction of a 79 floor mixed-use skyscraper in downtown Brooklyn, New York Challenge Construction began in summer 2021 on a 942 ft, 79 floor skyscraper in the centre of downtown Brooklyn, New York. The mix-use building will rise 240 ft above what is currently […]

Preliminary Works in Construction

Preliminary works refer to all the activities that are involved in a construction site before the actual work commences, such as demolition, site clearance, site survey, soil survey, planning, designing, and cost estimation. In this article, we briefly discuss all the preliminary works involved in the construction of a project. 1. Demolition The demolition of the […]

How to Avoid the Effects of Expansive Soil on Buildings?

Several measures like construction of deep piers, soil replacement, keeping moisture at a constant level, chemical soil stabilization, use of void forms can be adopted to avoid detrimental effects of expansive soil on structures and their foundations. One or a combination of these preventive methods can be considered while planning construction over expansive soil. The soil investigation […]

Construction of Slab on Ground- Design Elements

The construction of slab on ground requires certain basic design elements. These design elements must be enlisted and added in the contract documents by the designer in charge before asking for a bidding. The design elements required for slabs on ground are: The Materials required for base and the sub – base preparation. The vapor […]