Concrete Slump Variations at Site

Adjusting the slump of concrete is a part of the concreting process, which the contractors should manage properly and cautiously. The concrete slump variation from one transit mixer to another is generally due to aggregate moisture content, concrete temperature, mixing process; and time of delivery, waiting, and unloading. Sometimes, the concrete slump variations at site […]

Strength Evaluation of Concrete Structures with Physical Load Test

Strength evaluation of concrete structures can be done by using physical load test method. Strength evaluation may be required from time to time for various applications of concrete structure. Procedure for concrete structure physical load test is discussed in this article. Strength Evaluation of Concrete Structures with Physical Load Test The procedure of load test […]

Construction of Slab on Ground- Design Elements

The construction of slab on ground requires certain basic design elements. These design elements must be enlisted and added in the contract documents by the designer in charge before asking for a bidding. The design elements required for slabs on ground are: The Materials required for base and the sub – base preparation. The vapor […]

New York State

ENERGY CODE GUIDELINE     TPPN 10/88     2014 CONSTRUCTION CODES Current Codes of New York State Chapter XXXII – Division of Code Enforcement and Administration Subchapter A – Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code Subchapter B – State Energy Conservation Construction Code Subchapter C – Other Regulations Article 11 of the Energy Law – Star Energy Article 18 of […]

Energy Code Guidelines

Other Resources:  NEW YORK STATE      TPPN 10/88     2014 CONSTRUCTION CODES 2018 code 2016 Code 2014 Code 2011 Code NYC Energy Conservation Code   DOWNLOAD PDF

TPPN 10/88


2014 Construction Codes

Other Resources:  NEW YORK STATE     ENERGY CODE GUIDELINE     TPPN 10/88 NYC 2014 Construction Code Updates – NYC 2014 Construction Code

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions ACCESS Client agrees to provide access and right of entry to the premises where Firm will perform the Work for Firm’s personnel and any materials necessary for Firm to complete the Work. Client is responsible for obtaining any necessary permission from any property owners for access and use of their property. To […]